Laundry Hub - Your Neighbourhood Laundromat

If you want a thing well done, leave it to the professional – so goes the modern saying. Now professional help is available on all fronts of life - be it the occupational or household activity. The increased burden of work, long travel for work, work related fatigue, dual employment in families are some factors in urban life that prohibit/limit the availability of time for household chores, entertainment and happy & pleasant moments with family members. Modern life with its technological gadgetry has also given us a gamut of options to ease through the heaviness of urban life and to offload the burden of insignificant and mundane daily chores.

Towards saving you the everyday burdens of washing and ironing of your clothes besides giving you and your family quality time together for more outings, rest and entertainment, we, Laundry HUB, have launched a professional laundry service to pick your clothes at your own doorsteps, wash clean them, iron them and deliver them back to your home.

Prominent among several reasons why you can think of Laundry HUB are

- No hazardous chemicals used anywhere in the process
- Only eco-friendly detergents are used
- No outside drying; only machine drying and so, no fading of clothes
- Hot water wash only to remove dirt and kill germs
- Steam ironing – no use of hard water; only softened water is used to retain fabric
- 24-hours pick & delivery
- Waiting lounge for wait & pick at our sprawling 2000 sq. ft. hub
- Quality & timely delivery
- Pre-paid system available; need not worry about carrying cash & cards for payment
- Overall, it is economical

Our service is mostly suitable for office goers, elderly people, those staying in hotels, service apartments, mansions, hostels, hospitals, etc., because of their lack of time for washing their clothes or uniforms, lack of facilities, tight time schedules, emergencies, hectic travel, ill health among other reasons. It is a handy solution mostly during monsoons that you cannot dry your clothes in the sun. With dhobis there is anxiety over time of delivery and other risks and concerns over loss of costly clothing, excess bleaching, wear & tear, security risks arising due to intrusion of those strangers into our home, their unprofessional attitude and undue waiting time.

We have taken utmost attention in providing the best of professional service and personal care wherever and everywhere it is possible. We have installed water softening plant in our premises as a first step towards preserving your best and precious clothes. All the clothes will be barcoded before putting inside the washing machines to avoid wrong deliveries. All our staff members including pick-up-and drop drivers are in uniform and the staff handling the clothes and machines use gloves for hygienic purposes.